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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ashlyn Update

April 18th 2010

The beginning of the day was just another day in the hospital....Ashlyn's resp rate has been steadily hanging below 50, so they are no longer concerned with that. They tried to ween her again last night, but she didn't want nothing to do with that :o( and she still can't keep her temp up, so she was still in the incubator. But the night nurse decided that she was gonna ween her off tonight and Ashlyn just had to tolerate it and get better :o) And at 5pm they took off her oxygen and she was doing good at her 6:30 feeding :o) and when Phil went for her 9:30 feeding she was still going strong with no oxygen....nurse says she will bounce around for 91 to 96 and they don't want her under 94, but she manages to bring it back up on her own :o) So we will see how she manages through the night.

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