Stick Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

The Johnson household had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We had some family in town to help us celebrate the Christmas Spirit with us. On Christmas Eve, we decided to relax at home as a family. While the boys were taking their afternoon naps, we decided to surprise them with a "chimney" for Santa to come down from. So Phil with his creative mind, got to work on our homemade chimney :o) And the boys LOVED it!!!! Phil's sister and nephew came over for Christmas Eve dinner, and we sat around visiting and having a good time. Once they left we got to work on setting up for Santa....we read our Advent book, got Santa's cookies and Milk, and the reindeer's carrots. Ace had a hard time falling asleep, he kept waking up and peeking out his door to see if Santa came yet. But after a while both boys fell fast asleep, and were happy when they woke the next morning to see that Santa did indeed come to our home. The boys had a GREAT time opening their gifts from Santa and from the family. Ace got : Transformer Bumblebee Mask, Transformer Bumblebee arm gun, 2 transformer figurines, Transformer Optimus Prime Hand Gun, Handy Mandy Toys, Puzzles, Books, Sword, Movies, Candy, and a couple more odds and ends. Aidan recieved: a Spiderman Chair, A Big Brown Bear, his own Handy Mandy Tool Set, Sword, puzzle, leggos, candy, and more odds and ends. Mommy received: a Cricut Create, 2 more Willow Tree Figurines, Hot Chocolate Mix, Dominoes, Keurig Coffee Maker (which Santa delived a couple days late....must of forgot about it), some Gary Chapman books, Candy, and Spa Finder Gift Cards. Daddy recieved: A photo calendar, some boxers, some movies, candy, and lots of love.....Daddy always seems to get jipped on Christmas.....but he will never let "Santa" bring him anything :o( We then sat around and just enjoyed our time together as a family :o) Phil's sister and nephew came back over and we enjoyed dinner together. All in all we had a WONDERFUL Christmas :o)

 Our Chimney

Reading the Advent Book

Ace putting the cookies out


Wake Up Guys


Aidan loves his chair

 The boys fighting with swords



Optimus Prims

Tired after all the presents

Aidan sleeping with is bear

The boys

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 Weeks

Little Miss is doing good. She isn't nearly as active as the boys were, but I have noticed that she is laying a lot lower than both of the I can feel her down below everytime she does kick....which results in many quick trips to the bathroom. I am doing okay....a little tired, a little emotional, a little But all in all still the same. I go for our next appt on Jan the I will keep you all updated :o)


After spending hours on the internet and after Philip's input we have decided to go with the Mia Rose Theme for our nursery!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A family fun outing

Today we packed the boys up and headed to Little Rock to start our Babies R Us Registry and boys was it fun :o) We stopped along the way and had some Chinese Buffet :o) :o) But before we left the house we had ourselves a little photo shoot....hope you enjoy!

Me and my boys

Ace and Aidan

The Johnson Family

Aidan wanted "mommy's" food

Ace being goofy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have spent hours and hours and hours on my computer looking at girl nurseries. And I am getting a little bit overwhelmed :o( We are going to use all of the furniture in Aidan's room (since we will be switching him to a big boy bed before the baby comes) so that is where I am running into my problems. All his furniture is the "Natural" wood color....and I don't think it will go well with any of the color schemes I like :o( But I am not going to let that hold me back, I am going to do some more searching and window shopping and I will soon have a pattern and theme pick out.....I HOPE!

Really LOVE this one

This is my 2nd fav

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It is a GIRL

This morning we went in for our big ULTRASOUND :o) And were surprised to find out that we are expecting a baby girl :o) Now, she didn't really want to cooperate with us, so the Ultrasound Technician spent a lot of time trying to get her to uncross her legs. We didn't see any definite girl "parts" but we also didn't see ANY boys we are gonna take the Techs. word and say this one is a GIRL....but you NEVER know ;o) This will be the first Granddaughter on both sides of the family and will be the first Great Granddaughter from Phil's mother's side. So we are very excited about this great news. Philip and I are both a little lost when it comes to girls, and we are sorta nervous, but I think we will do just fine! I am having a field day planning the many options to choose from! The baby is looking VERY healthy on the ultrasound she is measuring almost 2 lbs now and I am measuring a week ahead. But the doc still wants to stick with the May 5, 2010 due date. I will keep everyone updated on the pregnancy and our nursery transformation.


Looks like a girl to me :o)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grandma's In Town

This past weekend, Phil's mother flew in to celebrate Phil's birthday with us and to see the family. We had a very good visit with her. Friday night we just relaxed at home visiting with one another. On Saturday morning we woke up and piled everyone into the car to go and eat some good old home cooked breakfast. I was in heaven with my cheese and tomato omelet and greasy hash browns :o) After breakfast, we dropped Paula and the boys off at the house and Philip and I went to get some Christmas shopping done. It was so nice to have a day with no kids. We were able to shop in peace and we even stopped and ate some lunch at McAlister's. Saturday evening we drove to Iron Mtn to see the light was a fun experience for Ace. Sunday was another lazy day at home watching FOOTBALL and celebrating Phil's birthday :o) And Sunday we had to say goodbye to Grandma. I know the kids had a great time!