Stick Family

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Air and Space Museum

Today was one of the lucky days that Phil didn't have to work on a Saturday :o) Since it was a rainy and yucky day we took the boys to the Air and Space Museum. We had a GREAT family day. Ace LOVED all the airplanes, helicopters, guns, etc. Unfortunately right after we arrived my camera DIED :o( But I did get a couple good photos.
As we were walking around I saw Ace sitting in his seat staring at the airplane, I asked him to turn around so I could take pic with my camera phone.....and he said "Mommy, wait Ace wants to pray", so I asked him why he was praying, and he told me "Ace is praying for an airplane". I thought it was the CUTEST thing ever. And of course, on the way out we stopped at the gift store and Ace got his airplane.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy Surprised Us

Today we got a BIG surprise when Daddy came home for the day @ LUNCH TIME :o) Ace was so happy to see him, but was even more excited when Daddy asked us if we wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese :o) We had a great day

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bath Time

Tonight was the 1st night that both boys took a bath together. They sure did have some fun :o) Ace loved to make Aidan laugh by splashing him in the face. Aidan sure does loves his big brother. Anything Ace would do, Aidan would just laugh so is too cute.

Monday, March 23, 2009

School Time

Today we started our first day of Johnson Pre School :o) Philip and I both decided that until we move and get settled in, there is no need to put Ace into a Pre School yet. So I have taken it upon myself to be Ace's teacher for the year. I went online and got a lot of info and good curriculum to teach him. In the morning we will learn our ABC's, 123's, Shapes & Colors, etc and after nap time, we will have a Bible Study. So far we are doing REALLY good :o) Ace loves going to SHOOOL :o)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Today was such a nice day outside that we took the boys to go and feed the geese and ducks. Aidan ended up falling asleep before we got to the park, but Ace had a BLAST for the both of them :o)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Aidan is 7 months old

Today Aidan turned 7 months old. Not too much has changed in the last month. We have reached some big milestones though. Aidan is now sleeping through the night in his own crib :o) There are some nights when he will wake up and want either his pacie or milk. But for the most part he sleeps pretty good. Aidan is still teething, and those stubborn teeth don't wanna break through, so needless to say he has been pretty cranky lately :o( We have finally mastered solid foods. He loves his fruit and when it comes to veggies he seems to only want sweet potatoes and squash....but that is just fine with me. We have also introduces formula to him, and he HATES it, and I really don't blame him....but Mommy is DONE breast feeding. So we are trying to conquer this battle. Other than that we are good. He is sitting, babbling, rolling over, laughing, all the milestones he is suppose to master.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day

Today we celebrated St Patty's Day.....just to have some fun :o) The boys LOVED it

Ace coloring his Shammook (Shamrock)

How LOVELY :o)

Aidan loves his cookie

Ace mixing the cookie mix

LOTS of sprinkles

Ta Dah

YUMMY cookies

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


On Sunday evening, it started to snow outside, and as we listened to the weather, they said that we would get anywhere from 7-10 inches of snow. So on Monday morning, when I woke up I was HAPPY to see that we got around 7 inches of snow. I was sooooo excited. When Ace woke up, he went straight for the window, looked outside, and said "Mommy can Ace play in the snow". He was sooooo happy. Phil had to go into work for a little bit in the morning. So while he was at work, me and Ace went outside and shoveled the sidewalk for him. Ace was outside for about 5 minutes and was sooooo ready to come inside. He said it was too cooooold for him :o) But when Daddy got home, they all got bundled up and went outside to go sledding. Ace didn't like it at first, but after the 3 or 4th time, he was begging to go back up the hill. Aidan even ventured outside and took a ride or two on the sled. We had a very nice snow day :o)

Mommy it is snowing outside :o)

Even more snow the next morning

The boys waiting to go and play in the snow

Ace and Aidan

Ace playing in the snow

Ace trying to make a snow angel but he wouldn't put his head down

Sledding with Daddy

My boys
Aren't they cute

Relaxing after fun in the snow

"Look Na nen (Ace's pronunciation of Aidan) we match "

Brotherly Love