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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


On Sunday evening, it started to snow outside, and as we listened to the weather, they said that we would get anywhere from 7-10 inches of snow. So on Monday morning, when I woke up I was HAPPY to see that we got around 7 inches of snow. I was sooooo excited. When Ace woke up, he went straight for the window, looked outside, and said "Mommy can Ace play in the snow". He was sooooo happy. Phil had to go into work for a little bit in the morning. So while he was at work, me and Ace went outside and shoveled the sidewalk for him. Ace was outside for about 5 minutes and was sooooo ready to come inside. He said it was too cooooold for him :o) But when Daddy got home, they all got bundled up and went outside to go sledding. Ace didn't like it at first, but after the 3 or 4th time, he was begging to go back up the hill. Aidan even ventured outside and took a ride or two on the sled. We had a very nice snow day :o)

Mommy it is snowing outside :o)

Even more snow the next morning

The boys waiting to go and play in the snow

Ace and Aidan

Ace playing in the snow

Ace trying to make a snow angel but he wouldn't put his head down

Sledding with Daddy

My boys
Aren't they cute

Relaxing after fun in the snow

"Look Na nen (Ace's pronunciation of Aidan) we match "

Brotherly Love

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