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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Air and Space Museum

Today was one of the lucky days that Phil didn't have to work on a Saturday :o) Since it was a rainy and yucky day we took the boys to the Air and Space Museum. We had a GREAT family day. Ace LOVED all the airplanes, helicopters, guns, etc. Unfortunately right after we arrived my camera DIED :o( But I did get a couple good photos.
As we were walking around I saw Ace sitting in his seat staring at the airplane, I asked him to turn around so I could take pic with my camera phone.....and he said "Mommy, wait Ace wants to pray", so I asked him why he was praying, and he told me "Ace is praying for an airplane". I thought it was the CUTEST thing ever. And of course, on the way out we stopped at the gift store and Ace got his airplane.

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