Stick Family

Friday, June 26, 2009

Arkansas Residents

Earlier this month we made the BIG move to Arkansas. It was a bitter sweet celebration. We were sad to leave our family and friends. We were sad to leave our church. And we were sad to leave the place where Phil and I met and started a family together. BUT we were very excited and anxious to start our new life in a new state. We left VA on Tuesday June 9th. I was blessed to have my (big) little brother fly down for ATL to help me with the drive. We drove all day Tuesday and arrived in Atlanta around 6pm that night. We stayed in Atlanta for the remainder of the week. Phil stayed back in VA to finish packing up the truck.....which turned out to be a BIG task in itself. Phil finally got the truck packed up and arrived in GA on Friday evening. We stayed in GA for the rest of the weekend. It was nice to stay and visit with my parents and with my little bro and sis :o) Ace and Aidan really enjoyed spending time with Paw Paw. We left for our new home on Sunday morning. It was sad to say goodbye to my parents, but again we were very excited. Along the way to Arkansas we stopped in Memphis TN, for some good ol BBQ. We stopped at Leonards BBQ (which has been on Dives, Diners, and Drive Ins) and boy was that some GOOD food :o) We got back on the road, and arrived in Hot Springs around 9pm. We spent the night at my older sister's house, and woke up early to start with the unpacking process. Now that was almost 2 weeks ago and we still have a few boxes to unpack, BUT for the most part we are all settled in :o) Ace loves his room, and loves that everything is on one level. I must say I just love our house. I love our BIG bathroom with the his and her sinks, I love the walk in shower, I love the walk in closet, I love that both boys have their own room, I love that everything is on one level, and I love that I am 7 houses down from my sister and her family. We have had a GREAT time so far. The view and the scenery here is just BEAUTIFUL, and I must say that everyone is so laid back and friendly. We are very pleased with our decision to make this move :o) Thank you to everyone who helped us during this big transition.
The Johnson Family in GA
Me and my little sis Leeza
Paw Paw with the boys

Lake Hamilton

We get to see this EVERYDAY :o)

Phil and Ace swimming in the Lake

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aidan 10 months old

Aidan is 10 months old today. He has grown so much this past month. He is still maintaining 22lbs, which is a good thing. Doctor said that he has gone through a growth spurt. He is now 18 inches long and is now in his 75% for height :o) While we were moving for VA to AR, Aidan got himself a bad ear infection and had a bad fever of 104. We almost took him to the ER, but we managed to keep the fever down and took him the doc the next day. Doc said that besides his ear infection, he is a healthy baby boy. Aidan loves to crawl all over our new house, and it is nice that it is all one level. There is no keeping up with that boy. We introduced him the the Yogurt Melts and he is in heaven with them. Today I gave him some cheese puffs and I will let the pics speak for themselves :o)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This weekend we attended the wedding of our friends Taryn and Robert. Phil was one of the groomsmen and Ace was the ring bearer. It was a very nice wedding.

Myself and the bride (Taryn)

Philip, Ace, and Myself

Me and Megan :o)

Ace break dancing

Me and Ace

Me and Sarah

Ace and Larkyn

My handsome husband

My little man ACE

Ace and Wawa and Coo Coo

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on MOVE

Phil spent the last week in Hot Springs, AR. He wanted to drive down one or our cars (so he didn't have to tow it behind our HUGE U-haul). While he was in Hot Springs, he met with the rental office and signed the lease for our house and paid the next two months of the house is OFFICIALLY ours :o) We are going to be 7 houses down from my sister....I CAN'T WAIT :o) Phil also met with a couple of the dealerships in Hot Springs and Little Rock. He got a GREAT job offer to work at the Mazda Dealership in Little Rock (which is only a 40 mile commute). His speciality is working on Hyundai's but at his last job he had to work on Mazda and Hyundai, so he is happy that he will be working on cars that he is somewhat familiar with. The dealership he will be working at also has a sister Hyundai dealership and he is hoping that a spot will open up there so he can one day transfer. But as for now, we are just happy to have a house and a job :o) I can't believe how fast this past month has flown by. I can't believe that we will be leaving VA next Tuesday :o( I am really going to miss my friends, but I am VERY happy to start our life in AR.