Stick Family

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tree Time

The Johnson Family Christmas Tree is up :) :) We had a fun time decorating the tree this was a little hard because Miss Ashlyn Mae wanted to get into EVERYTHING!!!! But the tree is up and looks beautiful!!!!

Aidan Tonsillectomy

After months of being sick and after two postponements, Aidan finally had his tonsils removed! He did very well. He was a little nervous at first but after the nurse gave him the happy juice...he was ready to go! Before the surgery he was laying in his bed acting like a doctor...he was so cute....he decided that Elmo needed a breathing treatment :) They wheeled him back and then Mommy had to sit and wait for half an hour (I was a mess). Doctor finally came out and told me that Aidan did GREAT...he also said that Aidan had all the nurses and doctors laughing because he was Dr. Aidan and had to operate on his elmo and puppy dog :) :) (We may have a doctor on our hands) Aidan was not a very happy camper after his surgery! We were then taken to the peds room where we thought we were suppose to stay for 24 hours. But after a couple hours...Aidan was drinking and peeing and doing just fine!!! So they let us go home early. YAY!

He is still in a lot of pain and it took about 1 week for him to finally sleep through the night...but he is slowly getting better. It has been tough on all of us and there are times where he is in a lot of pain. But hopefully he will recover soon!