Stick Family

Monday, March 12, 2012

Crazy Life

Life has been very crazy in our household for the last couple months! But with 3 kids, I would expect any less and I wouldn't change it for the world :) Phil has been working every other weekend and then does Gun Shows all over Arkansas on his weekends we do not get to see lots of him during the weekend :( :( but he is doing sooo good with his business and I am so very proud of him and so happy to see him enjoying his work for a change :) The kids are doing GREAT :) We have been cootie free for about 3 months .... YAY!!! I am so happy and so thankful that my kiddos are finally healthy....esp since this is Pneumonia season for Aidan....fingers crossed that he doesn't get it this year :) Ace is doing really good in school. He loves his teachers and he has lots of friends. He is excited to start Kindergarten next year and even more excited to start football. He is growing into such a big boy and he loves to help me out with his younger brother and sister. He is a little stubborn at times but with parents like us...I guess that is expected ;) Aidan is doing really good. He is 100% potty trained and ready to start Pre School this fall :) He is very excited, esp since he will be going to Ace's old school! Mommy on the other hand is not excited at all!!! I baby Aidan WAY TOO MUCH and I am not sure I am ready to let him out into the big bad world of bullies BUT I have to let him go and grow! It will be hard but I am praying that it is harder for me than it is for him!!! Ashlyn....oh where do I begin??? I sure do have my hands full with this little ball of fire! She is just like her mommy!! She is getting so big and so full of spunk and attitude. Her brother love and adore her BUT they do not like to play with her that much and tend to kick her out of their room ALOT :( so most of the time she is stuck with ME!!! Which means she has started to think that she is a little mommy. If I am in the kitchen cooking..then she is in the kitchen cooking. If I am folding laundry....she is trying to help. If I am in the shower...she has to be in the bathroom too. If I am on the computer...she is on my lap! She loves to copy me. If I tell the boys to clean their room....she is quick to tell them "Clean your room". Her favorite words are "No" and "Stop it" lol but she is so sweet and loving ... mostly to me :) She loves to cuddle on the couch, loves to read to her baby doll, loves to play tea party, and she LOVES to dance :) I just love my kiddos. So although life is crazy and hectic and there are times where I want to pull my hair out....all it takes is one smile or one "Mommy I love you" make it all worth it!