Stick Family

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tree Time

The Johnson Family Christmas Tree is up :) :) We had a fun time decorating the tree this was a little hard because Miss Ashlyn Mae wanted to get into EVERYTHING!!!! But the tree is up and looks beautiful!!!!

Aidan Tonsillectomy

After months of being sick and after two postponements, Aidan finally had his tonsils removed! He did very well. He was a little nervous at first but after the nurse gave him the happy juice...he was ready to go! Before the surgery he was laying in his bed acting like a doctor...he was so cute....he decided that Elmo needed a breathing treatment :) They wheeled him back and then Mommy had to sit and wait for half an hour (I was a mess). Doctor finally came out and told me that Aidan did GREAT...he also said that Aidan had all the nurses and doctors laughing because he was Dr. Aidan and had to operate on his elmo and puppy dog :) :) (We may have a doctor on our hands) Aidan was not a very happy camper after his surgery! We were then taken to the peds room where we thought we were suppose to stay for 24 hours. But after a couple hours...Aidan was drinking and peeing and doing just fine!!! So they let us go home early. YAY!

He is still in a lot of pain and it took about 1 week for him to finally sleep through the night...but he is slowly getting better. It has been tough on all of us and there are times where he is in a lot of pain. But hopefully he will recover soon!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ashlyn Mae 18 Months

My little princess is growing up sooo fast! She is turning into such a big girl. She loves cooking with mommy, walking around with her baby doll, blanket, and purse. She also loves to tell the boys what to do. I love to see grow. She has her own little spunk to her and Philip and I are amazed at how different she is from the boys. Little Girls can be so much fun at times. BUT then there are the times where she lets her attitude out. If you get on her for doing something wrong....she will look at you with a mean look and swat her hand at you and tell you "NO"....she already has the attitude built into her!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Falllling in love with Fall

I just enjoy Fall so much. I enjoy the colors, the smells, the weather, and esp the food :) I decided to take the kiddos outside to try and capture some good photos (maybe one worthy of the Christmas Card). The kids had so much fun....they were not too fond of my constant demands to stay still, to not move, and to smile....but they had tons of fun. They loved it when Daddy covered them up with the leaves....they thought that was the coolest thing ever !!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

We had a very wonderful Halloween this year. We were scared that the kiddos were going to be too sick to enjoy all the events....but they luckily started feeling better in time :) We took them to Magic Springs over the weekend and they had a blast riding rides and trick or treating BUT once the sun set and the monster and goblins came out to play....they were no longer having fun ;) On Halloween the whole family dressed up...Phil was a Firefighter, Mommy was a Ninja Mom, Ace was Captain America, Aidan was a Ninja Boy, and Ashlyn was SuperGirl. We went to the mall to do some indoor Trick or Treating, we then headed over to Trunk or Treat at LHCPC where Ace got to see his Pre K Teacher...he thought that was pretty neat. We then went over to our friends neighborhood...our plan was to just stop by their house to show off the costumes BUT once we got there we saw that almost all the house were passing out candy (which was a shock to us because last year we had no luck going door to door). So we piled out of the car and did some old fashion Trick or Treating :) We had a pretty good Halloween!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Potty Time

I am so happy to have only 1 child left in diapers :) Aidan is officially POTTY TRAINED!!! It took some time but he finally has it down! He is one stubborn little boy....hmm...wonder where he gets that from??? YAY for AIDAN!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!

Ahhh it is finally my favorite time of the season is FINALLY here!! We love this time of year because we are not only die hard football fans but it brings the family together and who doesn't love sitting around watching football and eating AWESOME food!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ace's First Day of School

My little boy is growing up on me and I wish I could just press PAUSE! Last Monday Ace started his 1st day of Pre-K. It was a very big event for the Johnson Family. Last year Ace went to a Preschool Program every Mon-Wed-Fri, so he was familiar with school and the routinue! BUT when Monday rolled around and it was time to actually go to BIG KID school....we had a major MELTDOWN (mommy included). My poor boy was still in pain from having his surgery and it broke my heart that we had to FORCE him to go to school. BUT we were unsure if he was in actual REAL pain or if he just didn't want to go to school because he was scared. So Mommy and Ace loaded up in the car and headed to Lakeside, we had a nice long talk on the way to school and I thought things would be okay.....well that was not the case! We walk into school, I sign him in, and walk him to the gym and he is stuck to me like glue. He will not let go and once his teacher comes over to him...he starts crying. AHHHH it broke my heart :( His teacher had to pry him from my arms and told me to leave and that if in an hour he was still crying and complaining about his throat...that she would call me to come pick him up. So I leave and as I get into the car...I just break down. Mommy cried all the way home like a big baby! I didn't hear from the teacher so I decided to call the school and see how Ace was holding up and sure enough that little stinker was having a GREAT time. Teacher said that after 5 mins of crying he was running around and making all sorts of friends :) PHEW....mama could rest and relax for the rest of the day. We have not had a problem since then and I am so happy and proud of my big boy!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan

This past Saturday we celebrated Aidan's 3rd Birthday. We woke him up to the Happy Birthday Song and for the rest of the morning he played with some of his presents. Since Philip had to work that morning...we waited till after lunch and nap for Aidan to open the family's presents to him. He was so excited when he woke up from nap time to see a table of presents :) He got a puzzle, some play dough and a Thor Hammer. Then for his birthday dinner he decided he wanted Pizza at CiCi's and afterwards we came home and ate Birthday Cupcakes :) Can not believe my little baby is already 3 years old!!! Our next mission is to conquer Potty Training....wish us luck!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tubes, Tonsils, Adenoids, Oh My.....

On Wednesday my little boy had to go in to get his Tonsils and Adenoids taken out, and to get Tubes put in his ears. We have know for a while that he was having issues hearing, so we have had the appointment set up for tubes for a couple months now. But in the past couple of days Ace has had some issues with sleep and what after a trip to his doctor and another trip to the ENT was decided that he need his tonsils and adenoids taken out. I was happy that he would no longer have these issues with sleep and hearing but I was upset that the surgery was so last minute. His Birthday Party is on Saturday and I do not want him to be in pain at his party nor do I want him to miss his first day of School on Monday. But you gotta do what you gotta do. The surgery went well. We went back into the pre op room and the nurse and doctor explained to Ace that they wanted him to go back in their room and blow up a balloon for them. Well at that point Ace started freaking out :( so they gave him some special Kool Aid...and next thing I know....Ace is off in lala land. He was acting soooo funny. When the nurses came to wheel him back, he was more than willing....he was waving at the other was hilarious. I went back into the waiting room and about 30 mins later they called me back to his room. The surgery went well but my poor baby was a mess...he was no longer happy and giddy. They sent us home and for the rest of the day Ace slept on the couch. He starting to slowly recover but we have to stay away from acidic drink and hard to swallow food.

Happy 5th Birthday Ace

I am still shocked to say that I have a 5 year old. I can not believe that my little boy is now 5 years old. Time has just flown by. Saturday the boys celebrated with a joint birthday party and then Saturday night Ace decided he wanted to go to Cracker Barrel to eat for his bday dinner. That was the first time in days that he actually ate a good meal....he is still feeling pretty yucky after his surgery :( Then this morning he woke up at 6 in lots of pain and he climbed in bed with me and Phil. It breaks my heart that he is not feeling good on his birthday :( :( A couple hours later...he woke up and felt good enough to open his presents and play a little. Ace got a Toy Story puzzle from Ashlyn, a Captain America mask from Aidan, and a Captain America Shield from Mommy and Daddy!!! He loved his presents. Our little birthday boy got some special presents too....a couple years back Ace asked us if he could have some Gum....well we told him that when he was 5 years old, that he would be old enough to chew gum. WELL....this little boys reminds us all the time that when he is 5 he will get to chew when he woke up this morning...he got to chew his 1st piece of gum :) :) :) He was very excited about his 1st piece of gum and was very proud after he spit it in the trash! He is such a big boy!!!!