Stick Family

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boys Update

The boys are doing good. They are getting a little stir crazy with all this cold weather, but they still seem to have so much fun playing with one another :o) Ace is getting so big, he loves to do EVERYTHING by himself and does not need any one's help, he also loves to boss his little brother around (something we are working on). Ace just currently started gymnastics last week, and so far he loves it :o) Of course he wants to do all the big kids stuff, be we are explaining to him that he hast to start small and then work his way to the big stuff. I will def take pics this Thursday and post them. He is very excited for his little sister's arrival....he loves to tell everyone that he is going to have a little sister :o) I just hope he stays this happy and excited when she actually arrives. Ace is getting ready to start Pre School next year. He is more excited than Mommy :o) He wants to go everyday and he wants to ride a school bus, but I explained to him that he will only go a couple days a week.....cause Mommy will miss him sooo much :o( and that he is going to have to wait a couple years until he can ride the school bus (he wasn't too happy about that). Along with a new sister and new school year, Ace is going to be getting a new roommate.....his little brother Aidan will be moving into his room in a couple weeks and boy are they both excited for that event to happen. I think it is going to be a rather interesting transition.....since both boys are total opposites. Ace likes his things in order, he doesn't like his little brother playing with certain for Aidan....well Aidan loves to get into everything and anything. SO this is gonna be an adventure. Aidan has grown up so much in the last couple months. He is now wearing 18 mo to 24 mo clothes (almost the same size as his brother), he talking a lot more now, he is now only on sippy cups, sitting in a big boy booster seat, and eating with a big boy fork......can't believe my little baby is growing up :o( I don't want his to grow up :o( He is also no longer a Mommy's boy....he is totally a Daddy's boy along with his big brother. Anytime Phil is laying on the floor....Aidan will walk up to him and punch him or push him down....such a rough little boy. He does the same stuff to Ace. Ace will be sitting on the floor watching a movie and Aidan will just walk up and pull his hair. Such a big bully!!! Aidan has now moved from his crib to a toddler bed.....we thought it was too soon, but he is doing rather good. He gets outta bed a couple times during nap time and bed time.....and sometimes he falls out of the bed.....but when we tell him to get back in bed....he grabs his blanket and puppy dog and gets right back in bed :o) So hopefully the transition from room to room will be as easy as is was from crib to bed. Well, that is all the boys are up to. I will update again soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 weeks

I am now 30 weeks pregnant. Can't believe that I have around 9-10 weeks left in this pregnancy. At times that seems so far away, but then other times it seems like it is just right around the corner. We still have so much to do before Little Miss makes her apperance. We have put somethings on hold because I have been having CRAZY dreams that I am really pregnant with a boy and not a girl. So we are going to wait until after our next ultrasound before we start on her nursery :o) We go in for our ultrasound on March 10th @ 9am, so I will def update everyone after that appt.....hopefully we will get some good views and photos of her.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Bedding Set

Yesterday we took a little trip to Tj Max (after I received an email telling me that they had a new baby department). Hubby wanted to tag along with me (but explained WE ARE NOT BUYING ANYTHING) So we walked in and head straight back to the baby section and of course I go straight to clothes, Phil on the other hand looks around some. Well, he stumbled across a new section that had maybe 5 bedding sets on display (don't know if they had any more in the back) and right in front of him is sitting one of the 1st bedding sets that we looked at (once we knew it was a girl). We had this bedding set picked out until we learned that it was out of stock at Babies R Us (didn't want to get bummed out if they discontinued it, so we took it off the registry). And there it is.....sitting all by itself.....and out of the corner of my eye, I see some ladies walking and talking about MY BEDDING set and they are coming in to for the kill....Phil looks at me and says "Do you like it" "Do you want it" and of course my answer is YES. I then ask him (since he is very particular when it comes to color metro sexual) "do you like it" and he tells me "Yeah I like". So he grabs it and puts in the cart :o) I look at him a little surprised cause earlier he told me that we weren't BUYING anything cause money is a little tight right now, and cause this bedding set was $180 and we both discussed how that was just too pricey for a baby bed set. I then glance down at the price tag, and it all makes sense to me....the 6 piece CoCaLo "A la Mode" bedding set (which is originally $180) was marked down to $ we walked away we a GREAT deal :o) :o) So I am finally happy to announce that I can start my nursery....well start getting ready to decorate my nursery....still need to move my baby boy Aidan to a big boy bed :o( and into Ace's room!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good New......Bad News

Well, I got good news this afternoon......I do not have Gestational Diabetes BUT I do have anemia. I know a lot of ladies who have had pregnancy related anemia and whom have delivered healthy babies and whom were healthy themselves, but I still get nervous :o( Doctor has started me on a heavy dosing of Iron Supplements. I will go in for my 32 week appt on March 10th and he has scheduled an Ultra-sound where he will check the growth of the baby, position, amniotic fluid level, etc (so we will have a better view of the baby's growth at that appointment) But he explained to me that with Anemia the risks for babies are premature labor/birth and low birth weight....doesn't think I have anything to worry about since he already thinks she is a big girl, but I am worried about the premature labor cause I am already having the contractions and pressure. He also reassured me that Little Miss is getting her Iron even if it mean sucks me dry of all the iron in my body, so not to be alarmed there, that the Iron Supplements are for me. He explained that Iron loss is to blame for my tiredness, dizziness, lack of concentration, headaches, over all BLAH feeling (I laughed and told him, I just thought those were regular pregnancy symptoms....although I do not remember feeling this BLAH with the boys @ 28 weeks) Another thing he told me to be prepared for, some women whom have had anemia for a long period of time, can have a rough after labor period, they can lose lots of blood, and might need blood transfusions (nothing to be too worried about.....but of course I worry) So we are just gonna wait it and out and hope for the BEST :o) In better glucose tests came back CLEAR :o)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

28 weeks

This morning I went in for my 28 week appointment.....yeah I said it.....28 weeks!!! Can you believe that I am already that far along, cause I sure can't. I am very happy and excited, yet a little sad to see this pregnancy go by so fast! It is truly bittersweet. The family can't wait to meet Little Miss, but I would love to keep her inside of my belly for a little bit longer. Philip and I have decided that this will be our last baby (of course we did say that with Aidan) but he very FIRM about getting fixed and I think that 5 is perfect number. But it still BREAKS my heart to think that I will never be pregnant again, that I will never have a little mini me growing inside me, that I will never feel those little or BIG kicks again :o( This has been a tough thing for me to overcome, cause I would love to have 7 kids ;o) but that just isn't realistic! The even harder part is that this pregnancy has been by far the WORST pregnancy I have ever experienced......I thought it was suppose to get easier the more you had ;o) but that just isn't the case with me. I have had the pressure, the contractions, loss of mucus plug, restricted to light bed rest, etc. Hopefully it will get a little bit better, but in my eyes....she is WORTH every bit of pain :o)

Doc appt was LONG but good. I had to do my 1 hour Glucose test....BLAH. I was lucky to have a morning appt, so I walked in .... drank the drink.....waited a awhile.....saw my doc....and then went back and gave blood. So it wasn't that bad. Doctor checked me over, BP is good, baby's heart rate is good, she is still in the head down position :o) :o) but no longer in the birth canal, so all the rest and relaxation has worked :o) My tummy is measuring a couple weeks behind....which had doc a little we are going to do an ultra sound at my next appt to make sure she is growing properly and what not. But all in all it was a good appointment :o)