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Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Bedding Set

Yesterday we took a little trip to Tj Max (after I received an email telling me that they had a new baby department). Hubby wanted to tag along with me (but explained WE ARE NOT BUYING ANYTHING) So we walked in and head straight back to the baby section and of course I go straight to clothes, Phil on the other hand looks around some. Well, he stumbled across a new section that had maybe 5 bedding sets on display (don't know if they had any more in the back) and right in front of him is sitting one of the 1st bedding sets that we looked at (once we knew it was a girl). We had this bedding set picked out until we learned that it was out of stock at Babies R Us (didn't want to get bummed out if they discontinued it, so we took it off the registry). And there it is.....sitting all by itself.....and out of the corner of my eye, I see some ladies walking and talking about MY BEDDING set and they are coming in to for the kill....Phil looks at me and says "Do you like it" "Do you want it" and of course my answer is YES. I then ask him (since he is very particular when it comes to color metro sexual) "do you like it" and he tells me "Yeah I like". So he grabs it and puts in the cart :o) I look at him a little surprised cause earlier he told me that we weren't BUYING anything cause money is a little tight right now, and cause this bedding set was $180 and we both discussed how that was just too pricey for a baby bed set. I then glance down at the price tag, and it all makes sense to me....the 6 piece CoCaLo "A la Mode" bedding set (which is originally $180) was marked down to $ we walked away we a GREAT deal :o) :o) So I am finally happy to announce that I can start my nursery....well start getting ready to decorate my nursery....still need to move my baby boy Aidan to a big boy bed :o( and into Ace's room!

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~Lindsey said...

It was meant to be! I love it!