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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

28 weeks

This morning I went in for my 28 week appointment.....yeah I said it.....28 weeks!!! Can you believe that I am already that far along, cause I sure can't. I am very happy and excited, yet a little sad to see this pregnancy go by so fast! It is truly bittersweet. The family can't wait to meet Little Miss, but I would love to keep her inside of my belly for a little bit longer. Philip and I have decided that this will be our last baby (of course we did say that with Aidan) but he very FIRM about getting fixed and I think that 5 is perfect number. But it still BREAKS my heart to think that I will never be pregnant again, that I will never have a little mini me growing inside me, that I will never feel those little or BIG kicks again :o( This has been a tough thing for me to overcome, cause I would love to have 7 kids ;o) but that just isn't realistic! The even harder part is that this pregnancy has been by far the WORST pregnancy I have ever experienced......I thought it was suppose to get easier the more you had ;o) but that just isn't the case with me. I have had the pressure, the contractions, loss of mucus plug, restricted to light bed rest, etc. Hopefully it will get a little bit better, but in my eyes....she is WORTH every bit of pain :o)

Doc appt was LONG but good. I had to do my 1 hour Glucose test....BLAH. I was lucky to have a morning appt, so I walked in .... drank the drink.....waited a awhile.....saw my doc....and then went back and gave blood. So it wasn't that bad. Doctor checked me over, BP is good, baby's heart rate is good, she is still in the head down position :o) :o) but no longer in the birth canal, so all the rest and relaxation has worked :o) My tummy is measuring a couple weeks behind....which had doc a little we are going to do an ultra sound at my next appt to make sure she is growing properly and what not. But all in all it was a good appointment :o)

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