Stick Family

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome 2011

This year has just flown by. I can not believe that we are saying "Good Bye 2010" and "Hello 2011". Our family has gone through a lot of changes this past year, some were good and other not so much. Phil had some struggles with his old job and finances but we were blessed when he got a good job with the city. We welcomed our precious baby girl Ashlyn into the world...she was premature so we spent a scary week in the hospital with her. Ace started Pre-School and Aidan hit his terrible twos. As for me, well I struggled a lot this year with homesickness, struggled with disappointing friendships, and struggled with my faith. In the past couple months I saw who I was becoming and learned who I wanted to be. Those set backs took me on a journey...some of the path was smooth but lots of the path were bumpy. At the end I had a stronger and closer bond with the kids and with Phil. We are stronger than ever. When the days is all said and done all you really have is God and your support system and in my case my support system are my beautiful children and my awesome husband. So I thank God for every journey he leads me on, and I try to not look at the negatives, but look at all the blessings :)

I am excited to see what God has planned for 2011. We are still struggling with everyday life, but we are happy and that is what matters. I am excited for Ace to start soccer, I am excited for Aidan and our Preschool Lessons @ home, I am excited to celebrate Ashlyn's 1st Birthday and 1st Easter, I am excited to build a stronger relationship with Philip, I am excited for the new friendships I have made, and I am very excited for my Walk with Christ. This year is gonna be full of fun and happiness :) :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ashlyn is 9 months old

My baby girl is 9 months old, I can not believe how fast this time has gone by. Ashlyn is starting to grow fast! At her 9 month appointment she measured 29 inches long and was 19.9 lbs. She is almost out of her 9 month clothes and almost into 12 month clothes....which means we are gonna have a shopping spree soon :) She still has not accomplished sitting up on her own or crawling, but she sure does try. It is just a matter of days until she will be crawling all over the place. The other day we introduced her to Gerber Puffs and she is in LOVE. She hasn't gotten the hang of pinching them and putting them in her mouth, so she will grab a handful and shove her whole hand in her mouth and gum on them till they dissolve...when this gets old for her she will scream at them and wait for someone to put a puff in her mouth. Which brings me to my next topic, she loves to scream, babble, laugh, making popping and smacking sounds with her lips...she is just one little vocal girl. I am getting very excited about Ashlyn's upcoming birthday, only 3 more months left.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Arkansas FINALLY got some snow.....yes you heard me right.....we got SNOW :) And it was real snow, not a light dusting like we are use to.....we got a whole whopping 5 inches :) The boys were super excited to wake up from nap time to see SNOW on the ground. So we got all bundled up and had a fun afternoon playing in the snow.