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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aidan is 7 months old

Today Aidan turned 7 months old. Not too much has changed in the last month. We have reached some big milestones though. Aidan is now sleeping through the night in his own crib :o) There are some nights when he will wake up and want either his pacie or milk. But for the most part he sleeps pretty good. Aidan is still teething, and those stubborn teeth don't wanna break through, so needless to say he has been pretty cranky lately :o( We have finally mastered solid foods. He loves his fruit and when it comes to veggies he seems to only want sweet potatoes and squash....but that is just fine with me. We have also introduces formula to him, and he HATES it, and I really don't blame him....but Mommy is DONE breast feeding. So we are trying to conquer this battle. Other than that we are good. He is sitting, babbling, rolling over, laughing, all the milestones he is suppose to master.

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