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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aidan 6 months old

On Feb 20th Aidan turned 6 months old :o) He has his 6 month well check up this past Monday. The doctor is very happy with his health. He is doing GREAT :o) Weight = 20 lbs - 75% for weight, Height = 26 inches - 35% for height, and Head Circ = 17 3/4 - 85% for Head Circ. So he is a short chunky baby. At the doctor's visit he had to get 4 shots, one of which was a flu shot. Doc explained to us that there could be a slight chance that Aidan has or could develop asthma. So we need to keep an eye on him and be careful for the rest of the winter. Because all it can take is one more cold, flu, etc and he could end up back in the hospital. So needless to say we are very weary with our play dates and what not. The doc also told us that we have the A OK to start solid foods. After the doc visit, I ran out to get some Gerber veggies for him, and BOY did he love him some Sweet Potatoes. I thought that it was going to be an easy step for him, BUT I was wrong....should have known better with our little high maintenance baby boy :o) That evening I mixed Sweet Potatoes with Cereal and HE LOVED IT....but since then he has refused to eat certain things. He still loves sweet potatoes, but he wants nothing to do with bananas or cereal. And his little tummy seems to be doing a number on him. We think he might be constipated :o( So we are going to have to work on solid foods. Other than that he is A OK.

Yummy Cereal



Ace is doing good too. He went along with us to the docs and he was telling me the whole time "Mommy, Ace wants shots". I told him that he doesn't want any shots, and he would just laugh at me. Then when the nurse came in and gave Aidan his shots, Ace turned to me and said "No shots Mommy, NO SHOTS". I laughed sooo hard :o)


Brotherly Love

Boys will be boys

How sweet


Alison, Nathan and Will said...

Your boys are so stinkin' cute! I love that Aidan is a chubba like Will. He also hit 20 lbs at the 6 month appointment. Ha! Apparently we grow linebackers here in Woodbridge. :) See you Friday!


I cannot believe how fast he is grown and how much he looks like phil wowa. crazy how fast time goes by. i'm really glad that you will be around to see the baby! it's amazing how much christian and ace are changing also. We will be avoiding the church daycare for about two weeks. I just can't risk christian getting sick again with the new baby on the way!

Marianne said...

Aw! my boyfriends are so cute!!!