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Monday, February 9, 2009

Aidan's 2nd Hospital Visit

On Wednesday night, Aidan woke up around 3 am with a fever of 102 and just couldn't get comfortable. So on Thursday morning, I made an appointment with our pediatrician. When we got to the doctor's office, I was expecting her to tell me that Aidan had a cold or maybe even an ear infection. But that was not the case. She told me that he had Bronchiolitis and that we were going to have to stay at the doc's office for an hour or two to give him some breathing treatments. Well, after Aidan's two breathing treatments, the doctor came back in to re-evaluate him again. She was not happy with his breathing and told me that he was breathing 86 times in one minute, which is way too high for a baby. So she wanted us to go to the hospital. So we rushed right over to the hospital. We ended up staying the ER for a couple of hours, until they had cleared a room for us. While in the ER, they started Aidan on Oxygen because his oxygen level in his blood was low. They also started him on breathing treatments every 4 hours to try and bring down his respiratory rate and heart rate. They ordered x-rays which came back good, and they did a RSV swab which at the time came back negative. We finally made it up to our room around 7 pm on Thursday night. Aidan's first night at the hospital was pretty rough. He wasn't comfortable, and it seemed like everytime he would drift off to bed, they would come and check him out :o( Friday morning our pediatrician came to check on Aidan. He told me what Bronchiolitis was and what Aidan's goals were to be able to go home. Friday all day Aidan was good, his heart rate, oxygen, and resp rate were all good. But Friday night was another BAD night. Saturday was another good day, he would have his good hours and then he would have his bad hours. Saturday night Aidan took a turn for the worse. His heart rate jumped up along with his respiratory rate, and they hooked him up to monitor him 24 hours. Aidan didn't sleep at all on Sat night. Early Sunday morning, the nurse came in to take Aidan to get another chest x-ray to give him more breathing treatments. The nurses came back to let me know that they wanted to send him to Fairfax Hospital because they were scared that he was working too hard, that he could stop breathing. So we were med vac ed to Fairfax Hospital (the ONLY good thing about that experience was that I got to ride in a helicopter ride). Once at Fairfax, we were admitted to PICU and he was being monitored all the time. They hooked him up to humidified oxygen, took more xrays, gave him some meds just in case he had some kind of bacterial virus, and just continued to monitor him. Last night, was probably the worse night yet. Aidan was up every 2 hours and he wasn't happy nor comfortable. Early this morning, they decided to put in a feeding tube. He was working so hard to breath, that feeding was making matter worse. And it has been night and day since they haven given him the feeding tube. He is sleeping more, when he is awake he is happy and content, and his heart rate, resp rate, and oxygen levels are ALL good :o) This afternoon we were transferred out of ICU and graduated to IMCU, it is one step down from ICU and once step away from the regular pediatric unit. We are just hanging in there and praying that everything gets better soon.

On a happy note, when they were getting ready to move Aidan to his new room, one of the nurses came in to check him and to suction his nose. Well, Aidan was laying in bed, wide awake watching some TV. As soon as the nurse came in and walked up next to his bed, Aidan closed his eyes. Whenever the nurse would walk away or turn her back to him he would peak his eyes open. It was like he knew what she was up to, so if he could pretend that he was sleeping, that she would leave him alone :o) It was the cutest thing

Ace came to see us today. I met Phil in the lobby and switched roles. Phil went to sit with Aidan and I took Ace to get some lunch. My little love bug wanted his mommy to hold him the whole time. It was tooo cute. When I took Ace from Phil, I started walking to the elevators and Ace said "No Mommy, Aidan that way" ( and pointed towards Aidan's room) he then told me "Ace kiss Aidan's boo boo" I could have melted. Ace really misses his little brother :o( I am soo happy that they are that close already. Since we have moved to IMCU, Ace is able to come and visit, so tomorrow night, Phil is going to bring Ace over so he can see his little brother.

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Still praying for that little munchkin! I hope that you all have a great day today and that Aidan begins to feel better! He is in our prayers!