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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy to be home

The doctor's finally Aidan the A OK to go home on Friday February 13th. We were so happy to be home with Phil and Ace. It was a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day too. On Valentine's Day we hung around the house all day, just being a family. Unfortunately, Phil had to do some work on Saturday :o( I clogged up our kitchen sink with Phil spent most of the day trying to fix up screw up :o( But he had it fixed in time for dinner :o) I made him a special dinner, and we had our first family dinner in a week. It was real nice. We put the kiddos to bed, and we watched my Valentine's Day present "Fireproof". It was a good movie :o) :o) On Sunday we decided to skip church, and lounge around the house all day in our PJs. On Monday, Phil took off of work and we took Aidan to his follow up appointment. The doctor told us that he sounds good (even though he sounds bad). He will have a cough and some congestion for about another week. He is no longer carrying the RSV virus :o) :o) His body is just trying to re coop. The doctor did advise us to not allow Aidan to be around a lot of kids. So MOPS and Church Nursery are out of the picture for us, for about a week or two. The doctor told us that his immune system is still very weak, and if he were to get just a little cold that we could end up back in the hospital :o( So we are going to be VERY careful. But we are very happy and blessed to be home again.



Lounging around the house

This is Ace's idea of lounging around the house :o)

Happy that Aidan is A OK

Aidan taking a cat nap

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