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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

The Johnson household had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We had some family in town to help us celebrate the Christmas Spirit with us. On Christmas Eve, we decided to relax at home as a family. While the boys were taking their afternoon naps, we decided to surprise them with a "chimney" for Santa to come down from. So Phil with his creative mind, got to work on our homemade chimney :o) And the boys LOVED it!!!! Phil's sister and nephew came over for Christmas Eve dinner, and we sat around visiting and having a good time. Once they left we got to work on setting up for Santa....we read our Advent book, got Santa's cookies and Milk, and the reindeer's carrots. Ace had a hard time falling asleep, he kept waking up and peeking out his door to see if Santa came yet. But after a while both boys fell fast asleep, and were happy when they woke the next morning to see that Santa did indeed come to our home. The boys had a GREAT time opening their gifts from Santa and from the family. Ace got : Transformer Bumblebee Mask, Transformer Bumblebee arm gun, 2 transformer figurines, Transformer Optimus Prime Hand Gun, Handy Mandy Toys, Puzzles, Books, Sword, Movies, Candy, and a couple more odds and ends. Aidan recieved: a Spiderman Chair, A Big Brown Bear, his own Handy Mandy Tool Set, Sword, puzzle, leggos, candy, and more odds and ends. Mommy received: a Cricut Create, 2 more Willow Tree Figurines, Hot Chocolate Mix, Dominoes, Keurig Coffee Maker (which Santa delived a couple days late....must of forgot about it), some Gary Chapman books, Candy, and Spa Finder Gift Cards. Daddy recieved: A photo calendar, some boxers, some movies, candy, and lots of love.....Daddy always seems to get jipped on Christmas.....but he will never let "Santa" bring him anything :o( We then sat around and just enjoyed our time together as a family :o) Phil's sister and nephew came back over and we enjoyed dinner together. All in all we had a WONDERFUL Christmas :o)

 Our Chimney

Reading the Advent Book

Ace putting the cookies out


Wake Up Guys


Aidan loves his chair

 The boys fighting with swords



Optimus Prims

Tired after all the presents

Aidan sleeping with is bear

The boys

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I just LOVE the fireplace idea... what a creative way to let Santa into your house! You guys are wonderful parents and your boys are a joy to see. Thanks for sharing!