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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ashlyn Update

April 15th 2010

Today has been a roller coaster. Doc really thinks that it is immature lungs and we are just going to have wait things out. He explained that if it was pneumonia she would be showing a lot more improvement and a lot faster than she is showing right now. So now it is just a big waiting game :o( Ashlyn did really good this morning. She is now on 20 cc of breast milk, her weight is back up to 6 lbs, her resp rate was in the 50's this morning, and they dropped her down to 1/4 a liter of oxygen. But later this evening her resp rate jumped back up to the 80's. So just when I start to get my hopes up, they get knocked back down. But I have to keep telling myself, that she is where she needs to be, and that things could always be worse than they are. I just need to stay strong for her and keep my head held high....she will be home before I know it.

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