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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

This Halloween sure was a busy night for us. We had 3 events to attend. Trunk or Treat at our church, and 2 costume parties. Ace decided that he wanted to be BATMAN, so BATMAN he was. Phil had a Batman costume that he had worn a couple of years ago, so he decided that he would be Batman too. On Halloween morning, Phil dressed up in his costume and came downstairs. We wanted to see how Ace would react to the costume. WELL, he was reaction was not what we expected. Ace FREAKED out, screaming No Batman, No Batman, Go Away, Go Away. We thought that he would be so excited and think that a life size Batman would be COOL. But we were wrong. So later that evening while we were all getting ready for Halloween, Phil was in our room getting dressed and all I could hear, was Ace saying "No Batman Daddy, I don't want Batman". Finally, Ace got use to the idea of Phil being Batman, and was okay with it. Once we were all dressed, off to church we went. Daddy=Batman, Mommy= Karate Girl, Ace= Batman, and Aidan= Skeleton Baby. When we got to the church, we ate first and then went off too see all the different Trunks. Little did we know, the line was soooooooo LONG. So we decided to take Ace trick or treating. Nothing like the traditional door to door action. Taking Ace trick or treating had to be the cutest thing all night. We would go up to the doors, let Ace knock, and then explain that he had to say "Trick or Treat" to get some candy. The first couple of houses, they let Ace take candy from the bowl. Then we came up to a house, that put the candy in Ace's pillowcase for him, he stood there and waited and waited and waited. He wanted to take the candy was soo funny. A couple of times, he tried to walk into people's houses, take the whole bowl of candy, tried to take the candy from people's hands. It was a very interesting and funny trick or treat experience. He had the BEST time of his life. He was a little upset when he learned that we couldn't eat all the candy in one night. But he had fun.

Big Batman and Little Batman

Karate Girl and Batman

Mommy and Aidan

After trick or treating we went to a couple of costume parties. One was a costume party thrown by a former co worker of Phil's. It was a very child friendly party. They had food, candy, games, and a Haunted Backyard. We took Ace to the backyard, and told them to let the adults know that we had a 2 year old with us. So at first, it wasn't too scary, they didn't jump out at us or anything like that. But at the end of the backyard, there was this coffin laying there. And I say "What is in the coffin" and out jumps this guy and says "What is suppose to be in a coffin". And then I hear this loud scream. At first I thought it was one of those Halloween CDs playing in the background....but I was was Ace screaming. Poor little man :o( I guess the guy in the coffin didn't get word of us coming through with a toddler. But for the rest of the night, Ace would say "No Backyard Mommy, No Backyard". Then off we were, headed to the next costume party. The next party was at WaWa (Robert) and Cu Coo's (Taryn) house (Ace and Aidan's God parents). Ace was so excited to see WaWa and Cu Coo (that is what he calls them). This party was a little more adult friendly, but Ace just loves to run around and play with the dogs. We stayed there for while and then it was time to go home and get some sleep. We had a very good Halloween. I am sad to say, I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped I would. There aren't too many pictures of Aidan :o( But there is always next Halloween.

WaWa caught a BIG ONE

Ace with Sarah Palin

Group Shot Aunt Cu Coo is holding Aidan

Trevor and Heather

Heather and Tyler

Robert, Greg, and Stephanie

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