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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Road trip to Orlando

Today we left for Orlando. We left Virgina around 9 am and got to our hotel in Walterboro SC around 8 pm. We had a very good car ride. The kids were GREAT. Ace loved sitting in the back seat and watching movies, he thought it was the COOLEST thing. He watching Cars about 3 times BACK to BACK to BACK. Aidan did a REALLY good job, he slept most of the time, but when he wasn't sleeping he was looking out the window and talking and laughing up a storm, it was so cute. Phil and I took turns driving, we had a good time listening to music and talking. We would stop every 3 hours to feed and change diapers.

We decided to make one of our stops at South of the Border. It was a good time to walk around and stretch our feet. Ace loved posing with all the animals and characters.

After South of the Border we continued on to our half way point at Walterboro SC. We decided that we would stop and grab some dinner at a Sports Bar before heading over to the hotel. Plus we wanted to watch the Redskin's game. BUT we didn't know that we were in DRY county that didn't serve alcohol on Sunday, and since they didn't sell alcohol on Sunday's, their Sports Bar was closed, so we didn't get to catch the game :o( So we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and headed over to the hotel to get some rest before we continued on our way to Orlando

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