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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happily Married

I post all the time about the children and hardly ever post about Philip and myself. So in this post I want to take the time and brag about the best man I wonderful husband. Philip and I are coming up on our 8 year Anniversary and I know to a lot of people that is not a long time but to us it is a big milestone. We have not had an easy marriage but who has? We have had to overcome a lot of obstacles in our marriage and a lot of these obstacles were in the first couple years of our marriage. From the moment we met..we were sucked into what I love to call a tornado of love. We wasted no time at all..if u took the time to were gonna miss something. We were engaged after 2 months of dating and married 3 months later. I will say that the world was against us from the beginning. I will apologize in advance for anyone I offend in this post...because a lot of family reads our blog. But both families were against our marriage from the start and in their defense we were young, dumb, and madly in love. Some may not believe in true love, love at first sight, soul mates, etc....but I sure do. From the moment we met...we were so passionate in everything we did. We loved hard and boy did we fight hard. Family and Friends would comment on our fighting and how they did not understand how and why we fought so much and why would we argue in public. Friends had bets on how long our relationship would last...I suspect that our families were wondering the same thing. Well we are 8 years in and more in love than ever. It is hard to explain our relationship...but it works for us. In the beginning we were young and had no clue what we were doing. We were both very strong, hard headed, opinionated personalities and we clashed a lot. If we did something that annoyed or pissed the other off...well we were gonna address it...whether it be at home, out to dinner, out with family or friends. For me...I wanted him to know right then and there that he done pissed me off and I was not gonna ruin my night by holding it in until we had privacy. But I can tell quickly as we were to argue or disagree...we were that quick to move on and laugh and cuddle again :) People didn't understand our relationship...and that is ok...I couldn't and still can't understand a lot of other relationships. The other day we were joking that we haven't had a good argument in a long time :) Philip is such an amazing man. He is my husband, the love of my life, my soul mate, and has grown into my best friend. For those who truly know Phil...must know that he is not an easy person to handle. He is a joker, smart ass, speaks his mind all the time, has no filter, loves to annoy or push buttons, has a very dirty and dry sense of humor..oh I could go on. And people assume that when he gets home...he turns that all off and is normal....umm...nope. I get it all the time and at times it can be rather annoying but at the end of the day...if I am being truly honest...that is what I love the most about him. I can never stay mad at him, because he can always make me smile or laugh. I love that he still acts like a crazy 16 year old around me (shh don't tell him that) yes at times he annoys me when he can't keep his hands off of me but at the end of the day it makes me feel good that after 3 kids he still finds me smokin hot as he puts it :)  He is so wonderful with our children. I love to watch him play with the kids. I love to hear him wrestling or killing zombies with the boys. Or sitting down in Ashlyn's tiny chair playing tea party. I love the way Ashlyn looks into Daddy's eyes .... she adores him and he can do no wrong and he eats it up. We both love our children with all of our hearts but I love that our children do not take over our relationship. When it comes to us...we come first. I may gets a lot of gasps from that statement but it is true. We are our children's foundation and we can not afford to have any cracks so yes we come first. We make sure we have quiet and alone time. We try and plan lots of date nights. Because at the end of the day...your children will grow up and leave and then it will just be the two of you and I have seen too many marriages end once the kids leave. Couples get so caught up in their kids lives...that they neglect their spouses. And then they wake up one day and have no idea who they are married to. We try everything in our power to not let that happen. Don't get me is hard but we found a good balance between work, kids, and us. I look back at my life and become so very overwhelmed. I have come a long way and I could have taken another path....thank GOD I didn't. Philip saved me, he was my knight in shiny armor who rescued me. In these past eight years we have lots some family and friend relationships due to one another...and for the life I me...I can not understand why. Philip has done nothing but make sure that I am taken care of. He always puts me first. He works long and hard to provide for his family and then works even harder to gives us all those little extras in life. He is the father or my 3 beautiful children. The same goes for me. I love Philip more than life itself. I try and go out of my way to help and provide for him. I am the mother of his 3 children....if that isn't enough then I don't know what is. But as my wonderful husband always puts the end of the day, the only people who matter are in this house :) and he is totally correct. Can not wait to spend another 8 years with him!

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