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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take me back....

Sitting on the couch tonight watching Swamp People with my wonderful hubby and I had a flash back to my childhood. My Mae Mae and Paw Paw lived in a beautiful house on Lake Claiborne in Louisiana. I have so manu fond memories of that house and the summers I spent with my grandparents. Tonight I was telling Philip about my grandfather and his fishing skills. I remember that once we caught a fish, we had to place them in the old washing machine drum that was kept in the water near the fishing dock and boat shed. I asked my grandfather one evening why we kept the fish in the drum and he explained he didn't want Ichabod Crane to get his fish. From that point on, I was so scared to go down to the boat shed alone because I thought Ichabod Crane was a big scaly lake monster ....and those feelings went on for probably 2 summers. Then one evening while walking down to the shed with my Paw Paw...I asked him if he was ever scared of Ichabod Crane and that I was scared he was going  walk out of the water and eat me. He laughed at me and explained that Ichabod Crane was just a bird that liked to eat fish and that I had nothing to worry about. I felt so much better after hearing that :) I sure do miss my grandfather but very happy to have such  wonderful memories :)

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