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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Wonderful Children

I would like to update everyone on how the children are doing :)

Ace: Ace is growing right before my very own eyes. He is turning into such an independent big boy. I can not believe that in August he will be celebrating his 4th birthday!!! He will also be starting Pre School on the 16th. Although I am looking forward to a break (cause removing one child from the equation....really makes a difference) I am going to miss my big helper. I am going to miss the 50 questions I get every day, the sweet Lego flowers and buildings that he builds for me, I am gonna miss the rare occasions where he wants to curl on the couch and snuggle with me while we watch the morning toons. I know it sounds like he will be gone all week long....but that is not the case.....he is only going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7am - 4pm.....but that is still a big time apart from Mommy :(. But Ace is so very excited, he can not wait to get his back pack ready and hit the road to pre school! I just hope that he makes lots of friends and has a fun time.

Aidan: Aidan is still my baby boy and I think he is always going to be Mommy's baby boy :) He loves to crawl into bed with Mommy in the middle of the night and cuddle with me. He loves to lay on the couch while I play with his hair....he loves to sit still and read books. This boy could read books all day long if you would read to him! He still has a feisty side and loves to pick fights with his older brother. Aidan is also growing so fast. He is starting to put words together to form sentences and we are amazed at his vocabulary...unlike Ace....Aidan is a copycat....we we need to start watching what comes out of our mouths! In August Aidan is will be celebrating his 2nd birthday....time sure does fly by.

Ashlyn: My little one and only little girl. How I love her so!!! She is already 3 months old and I just want time to SLOW down. I love to see her grow and I love to see her at different stages...but since she is my last :( I want to cherish these baby years! She is still rather petite and and is in 0-3 month clothes....but within the next month I am going to have to jump her up to 3-6 month clothes :( Ashlyn loves to sit and smile at you, she loves coo and she loves to watch what everyone is up to. She HATES tummy time and she will let you know that she doesn't want no part of it! She is a champ and bottle feeding and is sleeping through the night :)

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