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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ashlyn Mae 3 months old

This weekend my baby girl turned 3 months old. I am in denial with every month that passes by, I still can't believe that it has already been three months! Ashlyn is growing up so fast.....although to my delight.....she is still as petite as can be and not out growing her clothes too fast :) She is such a happy baby girl. She hardly ever cries or gets fussy and when she does it is mostly cause she is hungry or wants some attention. We started noticing that she LOVES attention. She loves for you to hold her, talk to her, play with her...etc. So we think she is gonna be the star of the show ;) She also LOVES her big brothers....and boy do they love their baby sis! They always want to help Mommy feed her, change her, play with her, hold her, talk to her, etc. I am so happy that there is already such a strong bond with her and her brothers! And she is already shaping up to be a Daddy's girl....Phil loves her so very much and just loves to lay on the couch and hold her. BUT he is already starting to stress about her teenage years.....I told him he needs to relax before he gives himself a heart attack. PLUS we still have many years to go until we get to that stage! Here are some pics of my little princess....for her 3 month celebration we took her to get her ears pierced :) She did GREAT

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