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Thursday, March 25, 2010

34 Weeks

Yesterday I went in for my 34 week appointment. I am now seeing my doctor every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. This appointment was a very long and very interesting appointment. I ended up waiting in the waiting room for around 45 minutes.....I was waiting so long and was so uncomfortable that I started having some Braxton Hicks contractions and lots of pressure down below. I was finally taken back to my own exam room by the nurse. She checked my weight, my blood pressure, my urine, and the baby's heart rate.....everything looked GREAT. I then waited for another half an hour to be seen by my doctor (whom I am not to fond of to begin with). Well, finally the Nurse Practitioner came in, and asked if it would be okay if she would examine me......I was so tired and having more Braxton Contractions.....that I didn't care who saw me, I just wanted to go home. She was a little worried with the contractions and pressure so she did an internal exam. She said that my cervix is still long and it is still closed, but that it is very soft. She didn't go into my detail, but seemed a little alarmed at how soft I was for 34 weeks. While she was examining me she could feel me having a she wants me to take it easy and drink lots of fluid.....she explained that if I have any more contractions and any more pressure I need to go straight to the ER and they will stop labor....they will push it off till 36 weeks. She then made my next appointment for next week instead of 2 weeks. I proceeded to ask her if she delivered babies, and she told me no.....she just helps the doctor's when they need it :o( :o( I just wish my doctor would listen to me and was more in tune to my body and my previous pregnancies. So now we are in mad dash to get the nursery and everything done....DON'T WORRY, I am taking it very easy. Phil steam cleaned the boy's room and the living room last night....and today he is going to steam clean the nursery and then tackle our NASTY couch. I am going to spend the day washing and folding all her clothes :o) I will keep everyone updated!

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