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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome Aidan Robert Johnson

On Wednesday morning we woke up, got all of our stuff ready, dropped Ace off @ Robert and Taryn's house, and headed over to the hospital. When we got to registration at around 9am, there was a line to register, and for some reason people didn't notice me in line and kept getting in front of us, finally Phil told the nurse that I thought my water might have broken, so they wheeled me back into Labor and Delivery. Once there, I changed into the hospital gown, and one of the nurses came in and asked us a bunch of questions. Once she left, my doctor "snuck" into the room, checked me and broke my water, I was about 2-3 cm dilated. Philip and I were laughing the whole time, because my doctor kept looking towards the door and making comments like "We gotta hide the evidence". It took him a while but he FINALLY broke my water. BOY did it hurt. When they broke my water with Ace, I had already received the epidural, so I couldn't feel anything. Well, not this time :o( Once my water broke, I was so uncomfortable. No one ever told me that it isn't just a one time gush of water.....the water leaks, and leaks, and leaks and is like a faucet. So about 20 mins later the doctor came in again (this time with a nurse) and he checked me and said "Mrs. water has broken" lol, me and Phil just looked at each other and smiled. They set up all the different monitors, set up and IV and gave me some pitocin to speed up the labor. Once the docs and nurses left, we sent out the mass text message to let everyone know that we were going to have a baby :o) Phil's mother arrived around that. At around 10:30 am, I started feeling some really intense contractions, so I requested an epidural ASAP. Once they gave me the epidural, I was in heaven. At around 11 am, I noticed that I could still feel the contractions on my left side, so I had to lay on my right side for a little while, so that the left side could get some of the medicine. At around noon, Sarah.G., Desiree.W., and Odise came over to play cards with me and Phil. At around the same time, the doctor came back in to check me, and I was around 5 cm dilated, so we were steadily getting there. We played cards for a good while, and then my contractions started coming back, so I called in the nurse. They re-checked me and I was about 8cm dilated....this was around 4pm, so I still had a ways to go, so they up ed my epidural. About an hour went by, and I started feeling A LOT of pressure, so the nurse came back in and I was 10cm dilated and the baby's head was right there....they called my doctor and next thing I know I am pushing. I pushed for about 10 mins and out came Aidan. He was the sweetest thing ever. He was born at 5:21 pm, he weighted 6 lbs 13.9 oz and measured 18 inches. I had a very easy birth experience :o) :o) No complications, not a lot of pain, and no tearing :o) Aidan had to go back to the nursery to get test done, shots, and blood work....and Mr. Protective Daddy went with him. It was nice, because I got some time to relax and EAT some food :o) I finally went back into my room at around 10pm and about 20 mins later, they brought Aidan back to me :o)I tried to get some sleep, but I just couldn't sleep, I was in such awe of my new baby boy. He was so peacful and quiet. The following day Ace came to visit his baby brother, he just LOVES Aidan. I think he is going to make a GREAT big brother. The pediatrican came in to see Aidan and he gave us the go ahead to check out early, so at around 6pm on Thursday, we were able to come home :o) We are very HAPPY to be home with our little family.

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