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Monday, August 18, 2008

Doctor's Appt 38 weeks

So today was my 38 week doctor's appointment. My doctor examined me and told me that I was now 2-3 cm dilated. And we discussed my induction date. He explained to me that they were all booked on Wednesday for inductions and that they could not fit me in. But since I was in a lot of pain due to my pelvic pain, my doctor wanted me to get in ASAP. So he came up with a VERY interesting plan. He explained to me that though the hospital was booked up for inductions, they still had tons of room for women who went into labor naturally. So on Wednesday morning I am to go into the hospital and explain to them that I think that my water might have broken. They will admit me, and my doctor will come in and examine me and he will admit me, and we will start the labor process. I am very excited that on Wednesday I will FINALLY get to meet my little man, but I am a little nervous about the labor process.

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