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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ace's First Day of School

My little boy is growing up on me and I wish I could just press PAUSE! Last Monday Ace started his 1st day of Pre-K. It was a very big event for the Johnson Family. Last year Ace went to a Preschool Program every Mon-Wed-Fri, so he was familiar with school and the routinue! BUT when Monday rolled around and it was time to actually go to BIG KID school....we had a major MELTDOWN (mommy included). My poor boy was still in pain from having his surgery and it broke my heart that we had to FORCE him to go to school. BUT we were unsure if he was in actual REAL pain or if he just didn't want to go to school because he was scared. So Mommy and Ace loaded up in the car and headed to Lakeside, we had a nice long talk on the way to school and I thought things would be okay.....well that was not the case! We walk into school, I sign him in, and walk him to the gym and he is stuck to me like glue. He will not let go and once his teacher comes over to him...he starts crying. AHHHH it broke my heart :( His teacher had to pry him from my arms and told me to leave and that if in an hour he was still crying and complaining about his throat...that she would call me to come pick him up. So I leave and as I get into the car...I just break down. Mommy cried all the way home like a big baby! I didn't hear from the teacher so I decided to call the school and see how Ace was holding up and sure enough that little stinker was having a GREAT time. Teacher said that after 5 mins of crying he was running around and making all sorts of friends :) PHEW....mama could rest and relax for the rest of the day. We have not had a problem since then and I am so happy and proud of my big boy!!!!

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