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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ahhh the joys of mothering boys!!!

This has been a long hectic week and to top things off....Phil had plans for all day on Saturday...which left me home alone with the kiddos. Well, I am relaxing on the couch, watching tv, and drinking my morning coffee...and I hear the kids playing nicely together (should have been my 1st clue), so I tell them that it is time to start cleaning their rooms up and they yell back..."Okay Mommy". Well about 10 mins later, Aidan comes running out telling me that his baby Elmo is outside laying on the ground. I have no idea what he is talking about, so I just go to their room to see what this boy is trying to tell me. And to my surprise...their room is clean....but the only reason their room is so clean is because they decided to open their window and throw all of their toys outside! Ahhhh!!!! I had to walk away...#1 so I didn't kill them and #2 so they couldn 't see me laughing.

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