Stick Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


After a month a being sick on and off....we got some bad cooties in our house one week....which lead to Aidan getting really sick. After many visits to the ER and to the doc....we were finally admitted to St Joe's hospital. Aidan had Pneumonia :( His 1st couple of days were no fun...he was hooked up to oxygen, had IVs put in (which took about 5 tries...he was so dehydrated that his veins were not holding up), and he did not want to eat or drink anything. After the 1st couple of days..he started to slowly get better. He started eating and wanted his friends to come and visit him :) It was very hard on our family but we made it through with all the wonderful help from our great friends :) We did have to spend Easter in the hospital and they were so nice to have eggs delivered and Easter Bunny even made a visit but Aidan told him to go away and he did not like! We are very happy to be home and happy to have healthy kiddos...although now Philip and I are VERY sick :(

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