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Monday, October 6, 2008

Reston Zoo

So today we took the family to the Reston Petting Zoo. It was a very interesting experience. We bought a lot of feed, thinking that Ace would get a kick out of feeding the animals, but he was SCARED of all the animals. He wanted nothing to do with them :o( He refused to walk, and wanted Phil to hold him the whole time. We also went on a hayride, that had to be the BEST part if the day. We drove around the grounds, while some animals would come up to the tractor to eat. The camels and emus were AWESOME, I unfortunately forgot my camera in the stroller, so we have no photos of the hayride :o( It was a very nice day as a family, but our next adventure will def have to be to the Zoo, where all the animals are behind cages, hopefully Ace will enjoy himself more there.

The little piggies were SOOOO cute :o)

Daddy and Ace feeding the horses

Ace wasn't too fond of the animal

My two handsome boys

Me and my little man

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