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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

We had a very wonderful Halloween this year. We were scared that the kiddos were going to be too sick to enjoy all the events....but they luckily started feeling better in time :) We took them to Magic Springs over the weekend and they had a blast riding rides and trick or treating BUT once the sun set and the monster and goblins came out to play....they were no longer having fun ;) On Halloween the whole family dressed up...Phil was a Firefighter, Mommy was a Ninja Mom, Ace was Captain America, Aidan was a Ninja Boy, and Ashlyn was SuperGirl. We went to the mall to do some indoor Trick or Treating, we then headed over to Trunk or Treat at LHCPC where Ace got to see his Pre K Teacher...he thought that was pretty neat. We then went over to our friends neighborhood...our plan was to just stop by their house to show off the costumes BUT once we got there we saw that almost all the house were passing out candy (which was a shock to us because last year we had no luck going door to door). So we piled out of the car and did some old fashion Trick or Treating :) We had a pretty good Halloween!!!

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