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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My wonderful children

The Johnson kiddos are doing pretty good.  Here is a little update on them…
Ace is doing pretty well. He is going to First Baptist Pre School once a week for water fun days and he is LOVING it! We got a surprise phone call on Monday from Lakeside Pre-K, they had an opening and wanted to know if Ace would be interested in attending J SO we rushed down and registered him. So starting in August Ace will be attending “big boy school”….he is so excited…bummed that he cannot yet ride the school bus but still excited. Mommy is very excited too…a nice break is def. in the cards…but I am a little sad that he will gone all week long L we will def. have to adjust to the new schedule! Ace is starting to grow up a lot! He still has his spats with his little brother and still finds himself getting into mischief but all in all his attitude has changed and he has started to mature. He loves to help me with laundry, dishes, cleaning, and etc. but he still has a problem cleaning his room (think that is a battle I will NEVER win). This summer Ace has shown us that he is going to be a GREAT swimmer. We have had lots of gatherings at the pool and Ace just loves to put on his float and jump into the pool….he will even jump and do front flips off the diving board…how cool is that? He is going to take after his mama ;) Over the last couple of months we have encountered some hearing problems with Ace and after many doctor visits, they have decided that he will need tubes put in his ears L but hopefully this will help with his hearing. He is scheduled for the procedure on Aug.10th….I will keep everyone updated on that!

Aidan oh Aidan….he use to be my little love bug and was so laid back and easy BUT the TERRIBLE THREES have kicked in already. He is constantly throwing temper tantrums and oh the whining…how I HATE the whining.   But “this too shall pass”. He still loves to sit in Mommy’s lap and still loves to cuddle with me J He has to be the funniest kid I have met. He will tell you what he is thinking and he tells it in a so matter of fact way…he cracks us up. He is currently doing pretty well with his asthma but we will wait and see what the fall bring us. Keeping our fingers crossed for an easy fall and winter. We are about to start potty training although he has no interest in it. He told me the other night that when he was 10 years old…then he would potty like a big boy. I told him that they did not make diapers big enough for a 10 year old and he looks at me and say “Uhh MOM I am gonna make my own diaper” lol So this should be a very interesting experience. Aidan is also such a wonderful big brother. He loves to play with Ashlyn and loves to “watch her” and “protect her”. Once fall starts…Aidan and I will be learning his ABC and 123 @ home like I did with Ace…and he is very excited but tells me that it is not as cool as school lol

Ahhh my little mini me….how I love her so!!! She is just such a doll and such a sweet heart! It still blows my mind how different she is than the boys. She does love to play and get into things (like ever 15month old would) but she is also such a little “girl”. She loves to be at my side every minute of the day. If I am in the kitchen cooking…then she is sitting on the floor watching or playing with pots and pans. If I am doing laundry then she watching me or playing in the hamper. If one of the boys is in timeout…she will walk up them and point her finger out and say “…no” and then pat them on the head…like she is mothering them. If mommy is yelling at the boys, she is right by my side yelling too…lol. She will also come up to me while I am in the office and just stand right next to me with her back to me …. Waiting for me to pick her up and set her on my lap. At first I was scared that she would want nothing to do with me and want to be a daddy’s girl but that is not the case at all…if she is sitting on the couch with us and Phil grabs her…she will outreach her hands and grab for me. She loves her Mommy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so excited to watch her grow and to be a part of that experience.

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