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Friday, February 11, 2011

Johnson Household has the Cooties

This past 2 weeks has been very hard on the Johnson household. First we got struck by the stomach bug and boy was that an interesting experience. Ace got it first and then passed it on to Philip and myself :( Once it seemed like we got over that bug...we got hit with colds, flu, and then strep :( It was very hard for us. Aidan got sick first and we were very worried about him...we had to take him the ER one night but after waiting 4 hours, we decided to go home. Then Ashlyn got struck with the cooties, then was Phil, and then followed myself. Ace was lucky to have missed that bug. Of course while all of this was going on, Hot Springs was hit by a "snow storm". I laugh when people say "snow storm" or "snowmageddon". We got 4 inches of snow...yep for all you Green Bay followers...I said 4 inches of snow ;) School were shut down for 3 days, everyone rushed to the ER and doc office, and you can't forget Wal Mart. It was a mess!!!! Now, I know this is a big deal for Hot Springs, since they never get snow....but in my opinion this could have gone a little smoother if the city invested in ONE salt truck and ONE snow plow, but they do not have ANY plow and they just have sand trucks. So the roads were a  mess. Nothing too crazy, but I say this as a past resident from Green Bay. My advice to all you drivers who are not comfortable driving in snow or ice. When you go under a bridge, or over a shady road, or down a need to be prepared for ice....start to slow down while you are still on pavement, but continue at a normal speed, and just go over the ice. DO NOT slam on your breaks, cause that is when you start to slide, and if you break and loose momentum...them when you start to accelerate your tires will spin cause you have no traction. Just a little friendly advice ;)

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

LOVE the title of the blog!

You poor thing, with all those sick babies...awwwwww Sure wish you lived closer, I would have dropped off chicken soup and stole the well ones till you recovered!