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Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Johnson Family had a pretty laid back Halloween this year. The week before Halloween we carved some pumpkins, made some Halloween cupcakes, and enjoyed some Halloween music. This year Ace dressed up as Wolverine, Aidan dressed up as Incredible Hulk, and Philip dressed up as Batman. We took the boys to couple houses to do some trick or treating, and then Aidan and I ventured back home, while Ace and Daddy walked around the rest of the neighborhood. Ace had a GREAT time and was so happy with all the candy he had collected that night. As for me....Phil treated me to some Corn dogs and Loaded Fries from Sonic. So all in all we had a good Halloween.

 Carving some Pumpkins

 What a whacky face

They boys pumpkins

 Mommy's Pumpkin

 Daddy's Pumpkin


 The Hulk

 My Boys :o)

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