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Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Third Birthday Ace

This weekend was full of birthday adventures for Ace. On Friday I took the boys to the pool and out for lunch at CiCi's. Later that evening....Aunt Lindsey, Uncle John, Mason, and Luke came over to celebrate Ace's Birthday. Then we welcomed Grandma Johnson and Aunt Nina all the way from Virginia. We had a cookout and ate some super cool Spiderman cake (that I happen to make all by myself....with a little help from Phil). Ace then got to open all his presents :o) On Saturday, we took the birthday boy to Pizza is a BIGGER version of Chuck E Cheese.....and boy did he have FUN. To wrap up Ace's birthday, we took him out on the boat on Sunday. Every time we go out there....he get a little more adventurous. This trip he decided to jump into the water from the boat. He had a GREAT Time. Can't believe my little boys is 3.

My handsome little boys

 Ace's Cool Spiderman Cake

Ace opening his first present

Ace and Luke eating some dinner

Oooh I wonder what this could be

Ace got a Spiderman Bike


Happy Birtday to Ace

Make a Wish


Ace and Daddy on the Go Karts

Having fun @ Pizza Palace

Ace jumping off the boat

Exhausted after a BUSY Birthday Weekend

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