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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Vacation comes to an end

On Saturday morning we had to say goodbye to my sister and her family :o( They had to make a long trip back home. During the day on Saturday we took an hour trip to Tampa, Fl to visit Phil's Aunt and his cousins. We had a good time visiting with them.

Ace and his second cousin Cesely

Ace and his second cousins Cesely and Arianna

Cesely holding Aidan

Ace acting goofy

On Sunday we laid around the condo all day being LAZY, watching movies and football, and pigging out on dip and popcorn. It was nice to have a nice lazy day to ourselves before we headed back home.

Aidan relaxing at the condo

Ace and Daddy

Look @ that bubble bath

On Monday we woke up pretty early, packed up the car and headed out on our 13 hour drive home. It was a VERY long rude home, and I was very happy when we made it home.

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